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What Trainees Say About Our Training Programs

My name is Eduardo DS , I am from Brazil... I was introduced to the stock market in 20011; however, I never became a retail or professional trader. Recently I signed up for the SMB DNA program. I am in module 8, and so far I have read one good trade book, by Mike Bellafiore, I have read more than 20 books about the market and traders and in my opinion this is the best ever (day trade book) that I have ever read. Therefore, one good trade book is becoming my bible on how to trade like a pro. Currently I am halfway to complete the playbook. disputed for the last 3 months I blew up a $40,000 account, this only makes me more confident that I will succeed as day trade and I will for sure be better tomorrow than today. I am trading 3 days a week. Before I trade, I watch the pre meeting recording video by Steven Spencer everyday. I am writing this just to let you guys know that the DNA program is the best investment that I made, and I regret not knowing about SMB capital before. I am deeply grateful for letting me participate in this very professional program, it is changing my life, and now I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I thought I knew something about the stock market until I signed up for the DNA curse. Now I am convinced that I did know nothing about how to trade. Since I started the program I acquired more knowledge that entire 12 years that I haven been playing with the stock market and never become profit, for the contrary I lost a lot of money in in the long of those years for not get the right Training program. i n advance I want to apologize for the English, especially when I read an excellent well written book by Mike Bellafiafiro. thank you very much Steven and Mike for been 100% authentic person.

- Eduardo (Brazil - 10/23)
DNA Program

Justin's mentoring

I deeply appreciate all the feedback & insights you guys have provided in this program. Before this FastTrack program, I had a lot of self-doubts and was seriously considering giving day trading altogether. I blown up all the profit I made from swing trading this year in July & August and really couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t achieve consistency after putting in so much work. I didn’t know what kind of trade I am as well as my strengths and weaknesses in this business, just feeling really lost on what I needed to work on in order to become a consistently profitable trader. You guys showed me the way. I learned something from every single one of you each day. As the program concludes, I'm proud to say I've identified my niche in trading. More crucially, I understand where I need to channel my attention to ensure consistent gains. A heartfelt thank you to all of you!

- Baogang (Florida - 10/23)

Fast Track Program

Justin personifies humility, patience and professionalism. His ability to teach how to dynamically manage risk as the trade progresses was something that took me from a break even trader to consistently profitable. He then went into how to think through the different dynamics of how a SETUP could unfold and teaches the thought process behind what TRADES could likely appear. This not only allowed me to accomplish my main goal for the program (consistently profitable) but it left me with the understanding of how I need to think through any setup/trade in the future so I can continue to grow as a trader. This was without question the best investment I've ever made in my trading career.

- James S. (Florida - 10/23)
SMB Fast Track Program

It's been an amazing 4 weeks. I have trimmed my bad habits and learn key strategies around risk management. I now understand why I wasn't profitable before Fast Track. It's made me a better trader, I clearly define my edge and I know when I make mistakes and have the coach (Justin) to confer with on how to create solutions for those errors. It is comforting to know some of these mistakes are common in beginner traders and to encourage me to keep going. I highly recommend this to anyone working towards creating a profitable trading business.

- Tiffany C. (California - 10/23)
Fast Track Program

Justin is an amazing mentor and I'm very fortunate to have enrolled in his program. Before this I was clueless about what I was doing in intraday trading. But now I see a clear roadmap ahead to get to consistency and I have the confidence to say that I know what I need to do to become consistently profitable and I know I will get there.

- Tash (Virginia - 10/23)

Fast Track Program

This is a great course from a leading firm that will definitely elevate your trading!

- James B. (New York - 08/23)
SMB Training Camp Program

The content is very good. The trader development and playbook meetings are excellent at steering traders to take a disciplined and specific approach to trading. I can't imagine a stronger team of talented growth-oriented coaches and traders.

- Anna C. (Georgia - 07/23)
DNA Program

Joining the Options Tribe is one of the best decisions I could have made. Due to time difference, I cannot be active on Slack or attend the presentations, but I watch all the recordings and learnt a lot from them. My Options trading skills have improved tremendously in the last few months.

- Vikram S.(Hong Kong)

Options Tribe Trading Team Program

Being a member of a group of like-minded people all traveling the same road, bouncing ideas daily off each other, and all overseen by one of the best Option Income Traders in the business Seth Freudberg. My Journey has benefited enormously by this process and I feel very fortunate that I happened upon SMB Capital and the Option Tribe. I would highly recommend this program to anyone serious about Option Income Trading

- Anthony M. (Ireland)
Options Tribe Trading Team Program

The Options Tribe Trading Team has helped me develop my understanding of options. Getting to meet with traders from all over the world with different strategies gave me a new outlook on my current trades. The accountability of the group helped me in my decision-making in sticking true to my trade plan.

- Nicholas S. (New York)
Options Tribe Trading Team Program

I've paid for at least 6 sources of training and scoured through much more free material for guidance over the last 6 yrs unable to afford much at all the first three years. The 2nd three years, I was limited to video-training and didn't have a community/coaching that was sharing a clear proven precise path to CPT+, which DNA provides. I heard people are like dogs because they eat what's put in front of them. That's how I was - just eating what educational/training/coaching material I could get and what I was aware of and developing cognitive dissonance and consequent chronic inconsistency of approach/results from all the different ways I'd seen people trade & instruct. I'd constantly change the mechanics of my trade-selection & management styles resulting in perpetual slumps. It took me stumbling in the dark for years to find DNA or I would have done it long ago and kept/grown the profits I made when I got my first taste of being a successful trader instead of being red for the last 2.5 years. There may be other equal/better training opportunities in existence which I haven't taken advantage of and haven't identified... After SPENDING >20,000 hrs preoccupied with studying/practicing/contemplating trading, I don't know what they are. DNA showed me the simplest way to consistency with the style of trade I've mostly focused on and gave me the solid outline/structure of establishing/maintaining consistent results and perpetual evolution. I learned in college that once you create the outline for your paper, your paper writes itself. I think once you create/adopt/adapt your outline for your path to CPT+ like a pro, your path walks itself.

- Simon S. (Wisconsin - 08/23)

DNA Program

The training course is worth every penny and shows what it really takes to become a consistently profitable trader. Hard work that only comes with passion.

- Jonathan L . (California - 07/23)
DNA Program

Mike Bellafiore is a great teacher and mentor. I truly liked the culture of SMB with his passion in developing traders. I am now in the winning trader program. Thanks for all traders to value newer trader by sharing there experiences.

- Pierre S. (California - 06/23)

DNA Program

SMB came across as a professional and successful firm, with lots of good traders. I will continue to visit your web sites, and see every youtube video with you guys. I am not at my best level yet, but SMB gave me hope that it is possible to be a successful trader if one work systematic and focus on improving one small step at time.

- Arne V. (Norway - 05/23)

DNA Program

The program has really changed for the better my way of making trades and helped me to improve my preparation to make trades and my days.

SMB Training Camp Program (03/23)

This training was a ahah moment for me. very easy set up to follow. Before the training i was not consistent. This training gave me the confidence that i can actually become a real trader. i will implement what i have learned and continue to be better everyday. And hopefully become a professional full-time intraday trader.

- Judit T. (Canada - 02/23)
Fast Track Program

Absolutely necessary if you want to take trading seriously. He is patient, gives you his time, and exceeds your expectations. He was even answering my questions on the weekend. Justin is a great mentor and I recommend this program to all serious traders.

- Stuart B. (Florida - 02/23)

Fast Track Program

The program has really changed for the better my way of making trades and helped me to improve my preparation to make trades and my days.

SMB Training Camp Program (03/23)

Absolutely, the program is worth its cost. I'd go as far as to say that one should not take a single live trade until they complete this program.

- Jesse. (12/22)
DNA Program

I notice the dedication of the partners and hear the fire in the belly of the students and traders. It’s some training you may not find anywhere else. Thanks.

DNA Program (05/22)

I am still very happy that i did the program at the SMB desk.

Jörn F. - ( Germany )

SMB Foundation Program

They helped me built a solid foundation which without I would be lost on this journey.

Mike and Steve, thank you both so much for all your efforts with your postings, videos and mentoring. They help immensely. Myself and all the people who view them are in debt to you.
I highly recommend SMB training to those who are serious about improving as a trader and willing to put in the work.

- Shawn S (California)
SMB Foundation Program

For me the trading program was great, extremely comprehensive and helped me cohere several stray concepts that I knew a bit of like TA, Tape Reading, Meditation & Visualization, Journaling, and, has helped me greatly in striving to be better

- Simon G (Venezuela)

SMB Foundation program

Anyone who is serious about becoming a trader must consider SMB Capital.

Before I started with SMB, I attempted to trade on my own for 2 years. I got to a point where I was sick of losing money, and I needed some real guidance from professionals on how to become a consistently profitable trader in the market.

Stuart M. - (Louisiana)

SMB Foundation Program

Your course is far more comprehensive than I anticipated.

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for such a well-thoughtout course. I learned more about the correct methodology of trading at SMB Capital than previously struggling at other Proprietary tradings firms and so many day trading books.

- L. Kulla(New York)
SMB Foundation Program

They've already figured out what a trader needs to know to become successful.

The SMB training program is absolutely complete from the beginning to the end. It gives you the fundamentals of trading, and with that information, a passionate, intelligent, and hard-working trader can without a doubt become a success.

- J. Jacobs(California)

SMB Foundation program

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