Futures Foundation Program with Private Student Community

  • The very best training program we have to offer as a professional trading desk. 
  • If we're going to take a trader to CPT, this is the path. 
  • Not only theory & concepts, but actual application & real practical skills. 
  • Learn a robust trading methodology- one which you can eventually make your own. 
  • Learn to read orderflow, use VWAP, use multiple timeframes, manage risk, manage winners, see market-based R/R, fine tune entries, and develop process for all your decisionmaking. 
  • Learn how to self coach and develop as a trader, review - tweak- implement. 
  • Comes with access to our private student chat and learning forum for an entire year. ($900 value) This benefit is worth every bit as much as the course itself. Not ony access our general chat, but the private Student Chat. Be in an environment where you speak the same trading language as other students on the same jouney. Enjoy daily key insights and feedback from Sr. Traders. Learn from those with more experience, learn alongside those at your level, even help others under you. It all helps make you stronger.
  • Also includes our Market Profile and Intro Course material! ($1,549 value)

Online Course

Study essentials of trading anytime at your own pace. It's all avaialble on-demand for you.

Extensive Content

Over 20 hours of video lessons. We cover it all, and we go deep.

Learning Chat & Forum

Discuss concepts from the course, get answers, learn from others, and share your journey.

$2,995 Lifetime Access


Full Program Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Prerequisites- we won't start you without making sure you've got the basics
  • Overview & Getting Set Up- make the most of the program and set up charts & tools
  • Module 1: Mental Framework- avoid the very reason 95% of all traders fail- be different
  • Module 2: Market Framework- see markets on a deeper level; perhaps in a way you never imagined possible
  • Module 3: Trading- learn a lower timeframe approach to securing great trade location, using VWAP, setting risk, and managing winners
  • Module 4: Orderflow- Fine tune entries, and gain sharper insight into what buyers and sellers are doing right now
  • Methodology Mini Review- begin to see an entire approach coming together
  • Additional Context- dive even deeper into understanding the current Narrative of your market
  • Putting it All Together
  • Work & Development- the pinnacle of trader growth; prep, review, journaling, & using statistics to enhance performance
  • Wrapping Up- it's just the beginning- time to tap into the community environment
  • Glossary

$2,995 Lifetime Access


We have learned the power of coaching and mentoring for developing high performing traders, and use it actively across all our trading desks at SMB. 

Individual & group mentoring programs are only available to students who have completed our Futures Foundation Program. This allows us to work with you on a much higher level once we begin the mentoring process.

Maybe you want to test the waters a bit and get to know us. Fair enough. Maybe you have no desire to "turn pro" or trade for our desk. 

We may still have something for you.

General Chat Community 

  • Powerful morning ES & CL market analysis- key levels, bull/bear zones delivered each day. Includes review of accuracy and opportunities of prior session analysis.
  • Free "guide to trading using our daily analysis"
  • Weekly community mentoring session
  • Access to a wealth of information through prior mentoring session recordings
  • Live market commentary from pros
  • Comes with free access to our Introduction to Futures & Trading Course
  • No BS environment, no hindsight trade calls allowed, pure quality, focused trading environment

$75 / Month


Introduction to Futures & Trading Course 

  • Establish the solid fundamental knowledge that every serious trader must have
  • Get started on the right path by learning how markets truly operate 
  • Learn specifics of futures markets
  • Gain insight and make better trades by using multiple timeframes the right way 
  • Build your risk management- nothing else matters if this isn't sound 
  • Develop strong psychology & beliefs- the key to success as a trader 
  • Begin charting and reading price action- see other participants 
  • Starting out trading, selecting platforms, brokers, and datafeeds

$99 Lifetime Access

Market Profile Course 

  • See beyond price. Develop a framework for deep market understanding
  • Learn the 10 Laws of Market Dynamics
  • Trade smarter as you see how Market Profile complements any existing trading skills.
  • This course closes the gap between traditional MP teachings and actionable trading concepts
  • See true Risk:Reward- not made up risk:reward
  • Know how to ideally manage trades based on the current market condition
  • See what the market is attempting to do. You'll be amazed at the insight you gain

$1,450 Lifetime Access