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The 10 Trading Setup You Will Learn

You will learn 10 highly effective trading strategies that use Options to improve your trade ideas and allow you to size up far more than you could with just stocks. The 10 trading strategies you will learn include:

Fundamental Option Concepts

Learn the cornerstone concepts such as strike price, what it means to buy or sell and the all-important premium. 

Options Spread Theory

Learn how to trade options for income and profit from time decay.   

The Home Run:

This strategy taught by Justin is used whenever you have a great deal of conviction in a stock or market’s direction, but you are not sure about the right entry point.

The Sniper Trade

This strategy taught by Max, is  a way to take advantage of trading opportunities that simply don’t exist with stocks or any other instrument.

The Accumulator

This strategy is taught by SMB co-founder Steve Spencer and it gives you the ability to invest way more heavily in a trade idea with options, for which you have a long-term bullish view, than you could with the same amount of cash buying the equity’s shares directly.

The SAD Trade

This strategy taught by SMB trading legend SWang, allows you to gradually build a short position in an overbought stock (that you think is about to crash), but this strategy removes the normal meaningful drawdown as you are trying to time the top, and converts it into an outstanding risk/reward trade.

The Explosion Hedge

This strategy taught by famous SMB Trader, Shark, gives traders the ability to enter trades that have huge profit potential but which are just too risky – even dangerous – to trade outright. Through the effective and professional use of options, you can enter such trades responsibly, in a structed manner, and give yourself the potential to take advantage of many opportunities that you normally would find too risky.

The Greeks

Learn how to measure the effect of changes in price, time and volatility on options valuations.

The Profit Enhancer:

A senior trader teaches you to safely enhance the profits of your equity trades by adding an options position in a specific, professional manner.

The Easy Target

Former SMB Training student and now SMB trader Radu teaches you this strategy that uses an options trade for which you have a certain directional view on a market or stock, but you may not have high conviction and need to build  a margin of safety into the trade.

The Momentum Accelerator

This is not one but a group of three separate strategies taught by SMB trader Garrett. Each of these strategies can be used to help you trade momentum stocks by decreasing risk or increasing the reward.

The Breakout Supercharge

This strategy taught by Nano allow you to play breakout trades much more efficiently.

The Win-Win-Win Trade

This strategy taught by Lance is used specifically when you want to try to catch the bottom of an oversold stock using options in a way that pays off handsomely in many different scenarios.

Inside The Options Breakthrough Program

  • Learn 10 trading strategies used by professional traders.
  • Access to 3 video sessions that teach you everything you need to know about options to trade all these strategies. These first 3 sessions are particularly aimed at traders who are largely unfamiliar with options trading.
  • Join Review Sessions with Seth Freudberg and a senior equity trader for SMB Capital where you can ask any questions you might have about the training program.
  • Through video lectures taught directly by our traders, you will explore these real-world tested options strategies in a step-by-step detail.
  • Included: Lifetime access to the Options Breakthrough training videos
  • Included: Access to the Q&A sessions hosted every two weeks.
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